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Hi mate,

Since I found this track in newgrounds it's running 24/7 on my computer!
I really love it. I'm using FL Studio 7 too, but I'll never reach such high spheres of musical mastering! (Ahh and BTW, I like transacidus, carol's melody and winds mystery too, but I'm too lazy for more reviews. :P)

I know this is the wrong place, but, Drawoh, I really need your help in making music. Maybe you can teach me a bit? (Using ICQ or whatever...)

With best regards Malazag

Drawoh responds:

Thanks :D
glad u like it

And sure, I could help ya, its not that difficult to make music with this kind of mastering, u just need to feel the music :D and know how to play piano :P

If ya need any help on anything, my e-mail is or contact me through here ^^

(btw, sorry it took me so long to answer, I'm having problems with my internet and it hasn't been working since last month T.T, and its still not working yet... I'm at a friends house T.T)

Hope to hearing more from ya :P